QuickBooks Desktop Hosted In Cloud

quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud

Users have access from anywhere and from any device (PCs, Macs, and Tablets)

Integrate QuickBooks (add-on) with other applications to manage your accounting process better

Cut down business expenses by dropping the on-premise IT setup & maintenance fees.

Collaborate easily with consultants, partners, clients, and colleagues to achieve excellent results.

Your Accounting software hosted on V2 Cloud and delivered to you in your web browser. 99.999% Guaranteed Uptime with FREE Fanatical Support.

Benefits Of QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting On V2 Cloud

V2 Cloud brings the most efficient, fastest, highly secure, and very reliable cloud environment to your business accounting.

Fully-featured QB Desktop

quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud

You get the entire features of the desktop version of QuickBooks without any modification in the user interface or experience. V2 Cloud simply improves the accessibility and performance (High-Speed Servers).

Cross-device Compatibility

quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud

V2 Cloud hosted QuickBooks supports any device with internet access and a browser. For Instance Mac computers, PCs, Tablets and Smartphones. You can work freely with confidence from your preferred device anytime.

Dedicated Management Team

quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud

Our team of cloud enthusiasts handles the management of your cloud environment to ensure everything is working correctly and prevent disaster before they occur. The admin control remains with you.

24/7 Fanatical Tech Support

quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud

Our customer support specialists are always available to take your support requests. We provide FREE email, phone, live chat, and remote support with a response time of 5 minutes.


quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud

We store your data only in compliant Tier III data centers worldwide. You can select the data center location that you prefer and your data never leaves that location.

NO Contract (Pay as You Save)

quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud

Our monthly subscription plan allows you to start with as many deployments (users) as you need. You can quickly scale up or down depending on your requirements.

Better Security on V2 Cloud

quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud

Your accounting data is secure on V2 cloud with cutting-edge security measures, that includes 256-bit data encryption, fully-clustered multi-tier structure, and 24/7 live network monitoring. We partner with recognized data centers.

Automatic Upgrade

Our team of QuickBooks application experts helps you with the management of your QuickBooks Desktop to ensure it is always up to date. We handle the update with no scheduled downtime.

Automatic Daily Backup

quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud

V2 Cloud automatically takes a daily backup (snapshots) of your files and stores it in an offline location with a 30 days history to ensure you have peace of mind.

Clients Worldwide trust QuickBooks Desktop Cloud By V2 Cloud

QuickBooks Desktops Cloud Hosting by V2 Cloud provides a desktop version of QuickBooks on the cloud in a highly secure cloud environment. QuickBooks desktop in the cloud offers accountants, CPAs, and businesses access to QuickBooks accounting application from any location, anytime on any device with 24/7 professional technical support. You can say goodbye to tedious back and forth email exchange.

Hosting your QuickBooks Desktop on V2 Cloud gives you and your team the opportunity to leverage the best of both QuickBooks Desktop and the cloud without spending thousands of dollars setting up an environment. V2 Cloud Hosting offers you the easiest, secure and organized way to the cloud. You can work with your accounting software in the cloud with more confidence knowing that your data is secured correctly.

The secure backup options (including snapshots) keep your data safe in the cloud. In a sporadic case of emergency or disaster, you don’t have to worry about losing your accounting data because V2 Cloud has a high-level fail-safe system to secure all your relevant data and work associated information.

  • Accessible from any device (PC & Mac)
  • 99.999% Up-time with FREE Support
  • Highly secure remote access
  • Use Google Chrome, import/export files
  • Print & Scan easily
  • Super fast servers with Live monitoring

Select a data center location for your data, and it never leaves there. Your data securely resides in the cloud never on end-user devices.

Additional Features of V2 Cloud

Hosting your QuickBooks on V2 Cloud comes with some added features

quickbooks desktops hosted in cloud
  • Branded login page for end-users
  • Full admin control dashboard and API
  • High-Speed Servers (4-10x) faster than AWS and AZURE
  • SSD storage (Up to 50GB Storage)
  • Print/scan directly to your local USB devices
  • Custom network configuration
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Site-to-Site VPNs (end to end encryption)
  • Antivirus, anti-ransomware and firewall protection

By 2020 80% of all business will be in the cloud. What is holding you back?

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question below? Call us at (866) 807-7155 to speak with a QuickBooks Hosting specialist.

1. What does "QuickBooks hosting" mean?

It simply means your QuickBooks software and data are securely stored (“In the cloud.”) on an enterprise-grade server in a guarded and dedicated environment rather than being locally installed on your work PC. You can access the data via a highly secure internet connect instead of through your LAN.

Hosting your QuickBooks means you can work with your data and software from any location on any device of your choice. You are no longer tied down to your office PC only.

2. How secure is my hosted QuickBooks data?

It is more secure in a private cloud than what you currently have. We host your data in one of the most secure data centers in the world. The data centers are compliant-ready (HIPAA, Cloud Security Alliance, AICPA SOC (aicpa.org/soc), ISO/IEC 27001, PCI, SOC 1 Type II and SOC2 Type II compliance), have multi-layered security protocols including built-in Anti-DDoS and Anti Virus infrastructures, 3-layers firewall configuration, encrypted communications (SSL over Web (HTTPS), Site-Site VPNs encrypted, Encrypted RDP over SSH), 2-factor authentication (email & phone) and 24/7/365 video surveillance, RFID access.

3. What Versions of QuickBooks Does V2 Cloud Host?

We host all versions of QuickBooks.

4. What are the benefits of choosing QuickBooks Desktop with Hosting over QuickBooks Desktop (local access only)?

Easily accessible from anywhere on any device (Remote access)

You can access your QuickBooks and data right in your web browser from any location on any device that has internet access. (No Client App to Install). It feels the same like on a PC.

Better security than what you have now (Enterprise-grade)

We host your app and data in one of the most secure data centers in the world. The data centers protect your data using the most advanced security protocols including built-in Anti-DDoS and Anti Virus infrastructures, 3-layers firewall configuration, encrypted communications (SSL over Web (HTTPS), Site-Site VPNs encrypted, Encrypted RDP over SSH), 2-factor authentication (email & phone) and 24/7/365 video surveillance, RFID access. In addition to that, we provide automatic daily backup of your files with 30 days history and our team monitors your cloud environment 24/7 to prevent problems before they occur.

Daily anti-virus scanning and automatic backup (30 days retention)

In addition to a better security plan, we scan your data daily with the most advanced antivirus systems, followed by an automatic daily backup of your files with 30 days retention. You can work with the peace of mind knowing that your data are always secure.

Live Monitoring and Free Maintenance (All Inclusive)

It costs a lot of time and money to maintain file servers hosted on-premise. That is where we come in to help you take away this IT headache from your business operation so you can focus on what matters most. Having your apps and data hosted on V2 Cloud means you don’t have to worry anymore about, anti-virus scans, system patches, upgrades and so on. A professional team of cloud engineers and security experts monitors your cloud environment 24/7 to prevent problems before they occur.

5. Do I need to have my own network?

Not at all. The only network you need is The Internet, and you already have it.

6. How long does it take to set up and get started with V2 Cloud?

To set up the Private Cloud Environment takes about 30 minutes. Accessing your app and data after the initial setup takes a minute. There is no learning curve. It is as simple as entering your email address and password.

7. How does the speed compare to running it on my desktop?

We use enterprise grade hardware infrastructure to host your data, and that significantly increases the speed and overall performance of the system. The speed is better than what you currently have with your local machine.

8. What is the difference between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud?

You can access both over the internet. However, QuickBooks Online doesn’t have advanced features and functionality, so it is best suited for startups at their early stage. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with cloud hosting, on the other hand, has advanced features for managing complex tasks and it is suitable for SMBs.

9. How does Microsoft Word and Excel work with QuickBooks Desktop in Cloud?

QuickBooks in the cloud work with Microsoft Word and Excel the same style as they do with the desktop installed version. There is no difference what so ever.

10. Why should I choose V2 Cloud?

Unlike other vendors where you have to setup, deploy and manage a complex IT environment all by yourself -V2 Cloud takes away this IT headache from your business by providing a fully managed service.

We offer the lowest pay-as-you-go fee for a complete cloud-based virtual desktop service as a service offering, including FREE 24/7 fanatical technical support (Response within minutes). See the competitive matrix

About V2 Cloud QuickBooks Hosting

V2 Cloud is a committed QuickBooks hosting services provider with years of experience in providing excellent hosting and customer support services.

Over the years we have been able to perfect the art of customer support services (Best in the industry), deliver on all our marketing promises with the efforts of our team of skilled professionals.

In addition to hosting your accounting software in our highly-secure data centers, we also endeavor to deliver the best quality of technical and customer services with complete data backup.

Our transparent pricing will assist you to calculate your recurrent IT budget allocations efficiently.

We understand QuickBooks hosting better than any other provider in the industry, and this allows us to offer you excellent QuickBooks hosting services – in the form of secure remote access, advanced security, business mobility, affordability, and peace of mind.

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